How do you start your journey to impact? You simply start. Think about it, you most likely already have an impact on the life of one person at least. Someone who takes your word to heart, or even your actions. They watch you closely and model some of the things you do. 

Hence starting your journey is simply being aware that you are already a person of impact. But, it is then important that you become intentional about the type of impact you want to make in the world. Is it positive or negative? Do you want to inspire, motivate, catalyze, encourage or be a cheerleader? Or do you want to be the complainer, nagging about everything, fault finder or Chief Critic Officer? 

The choice is yours but definitely won’t be precise if you leave it to chance or on autopilot.


Flexibility here is vital as you start your journey to intentional impact. You are still probably figuring out what area of impact you want to be known for, so cut yourself some slacks and don’t be too rigid in these early stages. Make it a point of view to observe what areas you make a strong impression on others. Even as you get on to define what you want, be flexible enough to know that you might have more than one area of impact. Note them down and don’t shut out any at the beginning.



Once you can note the possible areas where your impact is prominent, then you can start fine-tuning based on your understanding of your purpose. 

I need to say here that this is a journey, hence, the fine-tuning. Oftentimes, the reason we don’t even start at all is that we are waiting to be crystal clear on what our purpose is, but I have come to observe that discovering your purpose is a journey, a series of events rather than one big revelation. 

As you grow, as you apply what you know, as you learn, unlearn, and relearn your purpose becomes clearer. Because in becoming who you were designed to be, other factors are required. You need to build character, you need to grow empathy, resilience, communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and so much more, all of these require that you go through a process that will prune you before you eventually sit and fit into your purpose. 

So don’t be afraid of starting out unclear, just be willing to be flexible and keep on fine-tuning as you grow and evolve.


The combination of the first three points leads you here. What you don’t start you can’t grow, if you choose to stay rigid you might experience stagnation. And when you refuse to fine-tune then you may be stunted in your growth. Where you could have become a bamboo tree you remain a shrub because you refuse to evolve.


I need to point out here that between starting and Growing is a factor; TIME. This is what most of us underestimate or overestimate. 

Some will underestimate and think, it surely should take no time for me to achieve this, so they dive in with a set time frame in mind and when things don’t turn out the way they expect within the set time, they get frustrated and give up.

Others will overestimate and think omg! It’s going to take me forever to get to this destination and they give up even before they start.

I don’t want you to fall into any of these categories. Rather how about you simply acknowledge the fact that TIME is involved, but have an open mind and focus on the outcome rather than the result.

The outcome focuses more on the person you become in the process while the result focuses on what you achieve in the process.

The difference is, when you become, you are now the type of person that can repeatedly churn out a type of result.

As someone who helps you use your voice as an instrument for impact, influence and income, I need you to know that your voice might be rough today or your message unclear, but if you would start your journey today with the mindset of becoming a person of impact and influence and earning while at it, then in due time this can be your reality. But first, you need to start and I’d love to help you on that journey. 

You can connect with me on WhatsApp by clicking the link in my bio, let’s have a conversation on how I can help you.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter again.

To your growth and success
The Energetic EJ


  1. Awesome piece. This has given clarity for what purpose really is rather what is conventionally acknowledged.

    Keep up the good work👍

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