are your anchors in place?


Happy New Year!!!!

Wow, how does it feel to transition into a fresh calendar? I hope you are excited and full of energy to take on the new year with new vigour, new or upgraded passion and lacer focus on the roadmap you drew up while preparing for the new year.

For me, it was a calm new year. I was all alone with myself and my Lord. I was on the phone with a sweet sister-friend of mine and we transitioned into the new year and from my window, I could see various fireworks light up the city of Dubai and the loud sound of jubilation all over the city. It was beautiful and left little butterflies in the belly.

And as I settled in bed to reflect again over the past three years on how I transitioned into the new year versus how I ended it, it occurred to me that a lot can change in a year and if you don’t have solid anchors to keep you in check an on track the tendency to veer off track far far away from the graph you plotted at the start of each year is very high.

So I started to consider what are some of those anchors? And in this write up I will share the ones that I have seen work for me and which I am going to reinforce so that 2022 will be a far better and greater year for me and I hope that as you read this you also get to consider your anchors and secure them with acute intention as we journey through the next 365days.

1Cor 13:17 - love

1. LOVE – This is the very first anchor that I find to be non-negotiable if one must stay on course and make the year count. And it must begin with Love for God then Love for self before it extends to love for others. When we love God, we seek to please and glorify Him in all that we do. That would look like having Him involved in our plans from the word go, ensuring that everything we plan to do is in alignment with His word and statutes. From the overflow of love for God, we understand how loved we are and let that be an anchor for how we show up ourselves. Loving YOU gives you the confidence to be YOU regardless of what goes on around you. And only when you love YOU are you able to let love lead in everything that you do. And the beautiful thing about love when it is at the heart of everything we do is that LOVE NEVER FAILS. As I reflect I found that my love level was on the low, so I am back at ABBAs feet to love upon Him and allow His love to envelop me so my cup of Love is full again and I can have enough for me and for all around me. Think about it and ensure that your cup of love is full.

quote on discipline by jeff fisher

2. DISCIPLINE – Upon reflection I noticed that I drop the ball on this quite often. The level is always high at the start of the year and drops as time goes on. But then I noticed that since I started being in coaching communities especially IMMERSE INNER CIRCLE BY DDK, it became easier for me to pick up this ball and hold on to it in the interval of 90days. It was from IMMERSE that I found out the power of 90days. You see, when you plan for the year in one large chunk the tendency for you to get overwhelmed and lose steam is very high. But applying the power of 90days will make your life so much easier and your discipline game more consistent. Because when you break your goals into a 90days period you have a better-staying power to stick to the plan and get things done. And when you do this for each quarter of the year, you find that the tendency to drop the ball reduces to the nearest minimum. So in case you haven’t tried out the power of 90days before, you should. Check out this resource to have a better understanding of the power of 90days

quote on consistency by Arsene Wenger

3. CONSISTENCY – Yes, it takes discipline to stay consistent. However, I have also noticed that it is very possible to be consistently inconsistent. That is when one lacks the discipline to be consistent with actions that serve them and their visions in life, they automatically become consistent with being inconsistent with discipline. Did I lose you? LOL. What I am saying is, you have to be intentional about what you want to be consistent about otherwise you will default to being consistent with doing nothing intentionally. One way I have worked to stay consistent is by being accountable. Accountable to myself but also accountable to others and not just others randomly but choosing specific people in my life to keep me in check in particular areas I am working on. And sometimes I even make open commitments so that I am forced to show up and stay consistent. It’s not a walk in the park I must say, there are many times I drop the ball on this one too, but as I said upon reflection I am noticing these are things that I am tightening up to ensure that the next 365days count.

I will leave it at these three anchors for now. Will you write back to me in the comment and share with me some of your anchors for this lovely year 2022? I look forward to reading from you and I wish you a very productive and accomplished 2022. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

11 thoughts on “ARE YOUR ANCHORS IN PLACE?”

  1. It’s your second anchor for me. I have also been on the fringes of Immerse inner circle for years and I’ll take this as the nudge that I need to dive in for power to actualize my 2022 goals.


  2. Very apt. Those three point stand true for me and personally, I will add learning and applying immediately. I realized I learnt quite a lot last year but I can’t really say I applied most of the things I learnt.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh wow! You hit the nail on the head right there! I was in that classroom too, but rapidly shifting into the rapid execution classroom. Thanks for sharing that fantastic point.

  3. Love, discipline and consistency – cogent anchors to reinforce for optimum productivity and achievement.

    Thanks for the premium nugget, I got to know you from clubhouse.

    I think I’ll be learning real good from you.

    1. Hello Glory, thank you for stopping by and for dropping your thoughts. Oh great! Happy to be connected and I look forward to learning from you too. Let’s grow together in 2022, shall we?

  4. Love, discipline and consistency – cogent anchors to reinforce for optimum productivity and achievement.

    Thanks for the premium nugget, I got to know you from clubhouse.

    I think I’ll be learning real good from you.

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