Do you know what your voice is for?

Your voice is meant for Impact! No, you don’t have to be a public speaker, singer, podcaster, broadcaster, or any of these things. Yet, your voice can be heard by someone in your sphere of influence.

There is someone whose life will change significantly because you spoke up, because you shared your story, because you spoke the truth.

So whether you get to go on a public platform or you simply show up in your daily life authentically, your voice is meant for impact.

However, this message is specifically to those who can feel it deep down that they have a message to share with their world. To those who are purpose driven and know that somehow their purpose is connected to them using their voices but due to past experiences and negative feedback they have lost confidence in the efficacy and power of their voices. I am here to help you regain that confidence.

Let’s first of all agree that you have a voice and it is meant for impact. Shall we agree to that?

If this speaks to you, pls respond in the comments and agree with me by typing these words.


I’m rooting for you and I’d really love to be a part of your journey to find your voice again. You can connect with me by clicking HERE if you’d like to talk to about your voice.

I am The Energetic EJ
I help purpose driven individuals use their voices as an instrument for impact, influence and income.

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