Going through growth pangs

Growth is defined as ‘the process of increasing in size.’

In the final trimester of my pregnancy many many years ago, I can remember how uncomfortable it was. I couldn’t bend down to lace my sneakers. I loved to sleep with my stomach facing down, but I had not been able to do that for months and then in those last three months it became even harder to sleep because I only had two options; either of my sides.

I would be so tired of sleeping sideways that sometimes I will simply cushion myself with pillows and sleep in a sitting position. As uncomfortable as it seemed at the time, I could bear it all because I knew that a new life was growing inside me and soon I’d be able to hold him in my hands.

In December of that year, I wished that I went into labour during the cross over service, so I danced like a trophy was waiting for me to be won – and actually, I won a gift from my pastor that morning because of the way I danced. Hahaha, they had no clue I was hoping my water would break and I would head straight to the hospital from church. Well, that didn’t happen. My son came when he was ready, and the date was Jan 18th.

Why did I share this story? The quote in the image above got me thinking. It is true that for every month that I carried that baby inside me, my level of discomfort increase steadily. So when the quote stated that if you are not a little bit uncomfortable every day you are not growing, this was the image that flashed through my mind.

Let’s now apply it to our personal development and growth. If growth is the process of increasing in size, how are you increasing? In what areas are you increasing and in what areas are you lounging in your comfort zone?

The more I thought about it, the more it became clear to me the areas where I am lounging because I don’t want to face the discomfort that growth brings.

It is discomforting to sometimes sit still and examine yourself thoroughly.

It is discomforting to have a burning desire and despite your hard work, it seems that nothing is working but you know it’s a process that will yield in due time.

It is discomforting to sometimes stay up late and plan your content a month ahead.

It is discomforting to pay for that course, that coaching program or mentorship program and miss out on hanging out with your friends for a few weeks. 

It is discomforting when you must engage in those awkward but vital conversations with important people in your life.

It is discomforting to stay accountable and have sense knocked or drilled into you but you know you need to listen if you must continue to grow.

This discomfort is what I call growth pangs. The ones you have to go through if you must attain the height that you envisioned. The ones you have to go through if you must do more than exist but live. The ones you have to go through if you must shine your light and leave a mark in the rocks of time.

So I ask you, are you growing, or are you lounging in your comfort zone? Just like the quote says, all the good stuff is outside of our comfort zone so stop lounging and start enjoying the growth pangs so that you can continue to increase.

Think about it and make adjustments where necessary.

For you, what comes to mind when you read the quote in the attached image? Share with me in the comments.

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