How do you deal with obscurity?

OBSCURITY – /əbˈskjʊərɪti/

“The state of being unknown, inconspicuous, or unimportant.”

Does this word resonate with you? Have you ever felt this way in your entire life? How did you fare in that season? Where was your mind? I am curious to know but more importantly to learn from your experience so please oblige me. Write back to me using the comment section. 

I have experienced these states of being;  unknown, inconspicuous and unimportant and I can’t say that I handled them well in the past. 

You see before I became self-aware; knowing my personality type, traits, strengths and weaknesses, I didn’t know why I acted the way I did. To be honest, I am still in the school of ME and I don’t think one ever graduates from that school otherwise you stop evolving and I don’t want to. 

I am sanguine and so I love the spotlight. I recently just came to terms with it and embraced it fully that it is part of my wiring and that has changed a lot for me. It has boosted the confidence with which I show up. I am no longer so embarrassed to be the centre of attraction. Even when I goof, I see it as a way to stay accountable and make my adjustments. Sure thing, I still cower in some areas where I feel incompetent but as I mentioned I am a work in progress, aren’t we all? 

Yet, life has taught me and still teaching me that there would come seasons of life when it will seem as if the universe is against you. Nothing you do makes sense. You try so hard and it feels like you are simply winking in dark. No one acknowledges your efforts or even worse, other’s take the credit for your hard work. Gosh, that can be frustrating. But guess what, it’s a sign that your season of hibernation has come. And it does more harm than good if you don’t stay down and pay attention to what life is trying to teach you. I learned the hard way and still learning, but I am now more aware of such seasons and I’m okay with it. Still hard to go through, but I have a better understanding now. 

I am reminded of the stories of two young men in the Bible; David and Joseph. They both handled their seasons of obscurity so well that when their time for the spotlight came, they were ready for it. 

David was left by his father to tend to the sheep in the wilderness and even almost forgot that He existed. But what did David do during those times, he kept sharpening his skills, building His confidence, growing in his knowledge of God and solidifying his relationship with God. 

Joseph, in his season of obscurity, remained faithful to his faith and belief system, he didn’t allow his negative situation to change the way he sees himself. He committed to staying true to his faith, he kept serving with his gifting and talents, he stayed positive and was open to asking for opportunities from those who seem to have things going for them at the time. 

They both held fast to the truth of God’s promises concerning their lives. They didn’t look at others and despised their gifting or calling. They stayed faithful knowing that God is too faithful to fail. Whatever He says He would do is exactly what He would do. 

These words from Dr Samuel Ekundayo brought it home for me and I’ll leave you with them as I look forward to your thoughts in the comments. 

In the pathway of purpose, obscurity is inevitable – it’s the hideaway that prepares us for our breakaway. 

Remember this, it is the talents and passion you develop in the place of obscurity that God will use to announce you to the world!

Have a productive week. 

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