I am Encouraged

So something unusual happened to me yesterday and I just sincerely want to loud my gratitude. 

Within four hours, I had three people send me the same message. A screenshot of a post on Twitter requesting the service of an audiobook creator. 

twitter screenshot

I am yet to hear back from the author of this post after sending him a direct message on Twitter but I am here to show my gratitude for the fact that three people two of which I haven’t spoken to in a long time reached out to me about the same post.

It gladdened my heart. It made me feel seen and I AM ENCOURAGED. Encouraged to keep putting words out. Encouraged to keep showing up, encouraged to keep making profitable adjustments in the way that I offer my services.

And I want to use this post to also encourage anyone reading this, it might seem like no one is seeing your hard work like no one is paying attention to your growth, but that’s just a fallacy. Especially if you are using vanity metrics like numbers of likes, comments and shares on social media. You have no idea how many people have talked about you to others even when they are yet to say a word of encouragement to you. You have no idea who is fighting your cause in rooms that matter. No, you don’t!

What do you know? You know that you are passionate about your craft, talent, business or career. You know that you try as much as you can within your ability and capacity per time to show up the best you can and offer quality services. You know that you keep learning, applying for courses, taking up opportunities, sometimes working for free to get ‘exposure’ even when you can’t measure how much ‘exposure’ you truly get doing those free stuff, but you do them in good faith nevertheless.

So, I urge you, to focus on what you do know, even as you take a posture of learning what you don’t but not basing your motivation solely on that feedback that you are not getting right now.

I’ll leave it at this. I just wanted the world to know that I AM ENCOURAGED. And I will fuel up with this encouragement for a while and increase my intensity in showing up intentionally, even when I am afraid and in doubt, I will remind myself that there is a pair of eyes that is watching and when the time is right, they will speak up for me.


This is not an excuse to disregard strategies, but in addition to your strategies, models and systems, SHOW UP and show up strong.

Message from an encouraged creative.
Yours Truly
The Energetic EJ.

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