I froze

Dear reader,

Thank you for making out time to visit my blog again today. I appreciate you. I hope that you had a great weekend (I know we are almost midweek but hey, the weekend was memorable so read on 😊). I did have a great weekend although packed full of work but good work and one I enjoyed so very much.

Yet, after having such a great weekend full of so much insights and liberating wisdom, I FROZE. 🥶🥶

I was privileged to be one of the speakers and organizers of a global summit that took place on the 21st and 22nd of Jan 2022. And it was beautiful to see what we’ve been planning since December of 2021 come into manifestation. Truth is, I don’t want to lose my wonder of executing on events like this one. Certainly not the first I would be a part of, but one of my goals for this year is to be grateful for every little thing I achieve and every single goal I execute on regardless of the outcome.

It was such a privilege to be part of the team that put the event together. I learned a lot from collaborating with the two amazing women I worked with on this project and it just reinforced my love for collaboration when done well and with the right people.

The feedback from attendants of this summit has been mind-blowing, encouraging and humbling as well and I am fired up for the rest of the year to keep showing up with my best self.

In case you missed it, you can catch the replay below and tell me what you think afterwards or drop a comment on the replay.

On Sunday 23rd of Jan 2022 I joined thousands of women and men across the globe for three hours plus of mind-shifting, limiting breaking, and fire cracking webinar; VISIONING 2022 by my epic coach DDK. It was phenomenal, to say the least.

The opening quote at this webinar was enough to set the mind on fire

“Without vision, the soul has no hope, imagination has no outlet and innovation has no future”

Then we delved into stunning definitions of vision and out of five definitions given these two jumped at me the most.

“Vision is simply a matter of how you see yourself in the future. It is acquiring fresh perspectives for your life from God’s vantage point of view” ~ Dr Cindy Trimm.

And it was the Rhema from DDK for me. She said and I quote “The moment you are clear about how you see yourself, you can place yourself where you see yourself”


Even as I type, I am losing decorum – That’s how we behave when wisdom and light hit us! Ehhhhhhh!!!.

Ok, moving on to the second definition that jumped at me

Energetic Ej with Dr Oleg Konovalov
“Vision is elegant thinking about complicated things” – Dr Oleg Konovalov.

As I saw the name on the screen and heard coach DDK say ‘this definition is from one of my top coaches’. I instantly felt like Jacob when he had an encounter with God in the Bible. He said something like “the Lord was in this place and I knew it not”.

I was like wait, is this the same Dr Oleg that I had the privilege of meeting during a volunteering session in 2021? I had no clue how big of a deal he was!

Can you just imagine how many other great people and great things I have access to, but don’t yet understand the magnitude of their importance? This is including the potentials that God has already deposited inside me!

Guys, what I am saying here is that this is a year to be very alert in all realms. And I am so glad that January has been packed full of amazing experiences that I would cherish for the rest of my life.

2022 was a phenomenal year! (you can scream that out if you want).

Why am I sharing this with you today? I struggled to come up with content for my blog in the past few days, not because I didn’t have content, but I was just frozen! I had just finished the summit, I had also been backend support for another summit, I have been busy with editing content for my podcast as well as creating a new podcast channel for my client, I mean I’ve been busy, but I just felt blank.

Then I checked my notes from the visioning webinar and I realized that I see myself clearly writing great content this year including books (yeah, I am joining the league of amazing authors this year). And whatever froze me melted away. And here we are.

My word of encouragement for you today is that you go back to visit your notes, your list of goals, your letter to yourself and all the amazing things that you promise yourself that you will do this year and be encouraged and motivated to keep it going. And if you are yet to get that clarity on how you want this year to go for you, I recommend you lay your hands on the replay of both events I mentioned. 

For the Reclaim, Reset, Realign Summit – watch the replay above. 


And for Visioning 2022 webinar replay you can get it HERE  at a little fee – You will be glad you made this investment.

If you read till this point you are the real MVP and I celebrate you. Till I come back with another content, remain your amazing self, and remember that there is always room for improvement so don’t ever settle for less.

To your growth and success
The Energetic EJ.

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  1. Thank you for this EJ and for the replay of your summit. Will definitely be watching it. I was at Visioning webinar and it was light. Well done

  2. Wait… You met Dr Oleg? 🤯🤯.. Kai… Sis!!!! I love this blog so much cos it felt like I was the one writing.. Haha. So good. Gosh… 2022 was the phenomenal year!

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