Before you think about improvement, you’ve got to first know your current stage. So, take one area of your skill/ life/ career that you’d like to work on today.

Once you pick that area, then access yourself and be clear of where you are at.

Once you are clear about that, then note what improvement is required in that area.

Now, decide on a simple line of action that will help you get better at that thing today.

Does it mean you will automatically get better at it today by doing this simple exercise? Not at all, but by being intentional about this simple exercise you can measure your progress once you start to take this simple action you have noted.

Now, give yourself time to keep at this simple action until it becomes a habit. One thing about time is we often underestimate or overestimate how much time it will take us to form a new habit and I want to put it to you that it is different for all of us and different for each habit that we are trying to form.

So, be patient with yourself and just determine that you won’t stop working at it until you form a habit of it. And whatever time that takes you, is okay. Stop putting yourself under unnecessary pressure. It is your journey, enjoy it rather than endure it.

In the comments, share with me one area you’ll work on, starting today. What this does is help you commit to doing something about it.

For me, I need to improve my meditation skill. So, I’d take short breaks during my day to just sit still and meditate for 5min by listening to guided meditation.

I look forward to reading from you.

To your growth and success
The Energetic EJ.

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