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I am a trained audio engineer from the prestigious SAE Institute Dubai and over the past decade and half, I have be trained in presentation, public speaking, writing and leveraging technology to deploy my services to clients across the globe.

If I can do it, then you can too and that is why I want to show you how, without losing your authenticity.

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I am The Energetic EJ.

I help purpose driven individuals use their voices as instruments for impact, influence and income by teaching and showing them how to handle the technical part of audio content production. 

Whether you want to tell your story, lend your voice to other people’s stories/books or become a podcaster, I have what it takes to guide you.


I consider myself a special child as I’ve always been the center of attention since I was a child. Yea, I know this because it took my parents eleven solid years before they had me and then came my siblings aftwards, all lovely and lively six of them. And so when I arrived, it was a grand entry (rolls eyes and waves hands dramatically). You see, my parents should have taken a cue that this child is meant for something special. No, I am not saying you are not special, but the choice to own it, profess it and live it is totally yours. Are you owning it?

Honestly, I wasn’t owning it either. The signs were there, they followed me all through my childhood and teenage years. But, I didn’t recognize it and so I could not own it. Maybe it was because I didn’t have flyers like myself around me and so those who surrounded me, made me feel I was “Too Much”. What a misplaced identity! This was how I lived, always trying to fit it when I was designed to stand out.

This went on for a very long time that I lost my authenticity. Then 2020 came and I lost an amazing friendship because I wasn’t authentic and ended up hurting my friend and myself in the process. That was a wake up call for me. I had to discover my sage, embrace myself and live authentically.

This was the beginning of a new me, where I started to lend my voice to speaking my truth. I also discovered that what I carried which had been named “too much” was actually a gift! It was positive energy and that gave birth to my brand name “The Energetic EJ”. The moment I gave it the right name, people started to recognize it too. One thing I am grateful for over the years is my continuous learning. I have gone through several trainings that equipped me for my current reality and I look forward to giving back through my training and content.

So, my decision to help purpose driven individuals use their voices as an instrument for impact, influence and income was born out of the desire to see more people step into their authentic selves and use their voices to their advantage.

Energetic Ej with Dr Oleg Konovalov

Your voice is an instrument and podcasting is a platform and tool that can help anyone who is willing to put in the work hone and own their stories. This is why I chose it as my go to tool to help any one start their journey into impact, influence and income. Why? Because what you don’t own, can’t yield for you. If you don’t own your voice, then its hard for that voice to bring any rewards to you. So I challenge you today to own your voice and use it to advance your life.


I have had the privilege of producing well over a 100 books by African Authors in the last couple of years. Some of which can be accessed on various platforms locally and globally. You can check some out on TEBEBA and AUDIBLES.

the business of podcasting course cover

I am also an excellent podcaster, host of STRETCH STREET PODCAST and I help others become one as well so long as they are ready to put in the work. I have earned with this skill over the years and still on that journey. Yet, this for more is way beyond making money. I am driven by impact and value. I believe strongly in the timeless principle of seed time and harvest time and I know if you can put in the work (your seed), your harvest (result) is inevitable.

So, whether you have a story to share, or you want to learn the skill of telling stories via podcasting or audiobooks creation then I'd love to work with you. I'd love to show you the ropes, I'd love to be your guide and celebrate your every win as we go on that journey.

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I love hosting and anchoring events and so far I’ve had fun doing that hosting events in the UAE, Lagos and Ghana. From corporate events, to social gatherings, workshops and get togethers by friends and family, I host exceptionally well and connect with my audience. So, if you are looking for an energetic, lively and fun personality to host your events, then you know who to call.

On my website you will find information on events, podcasting and audio content creation.

Make sure to check out my Channels page to listen or watch episodes of my podcast. Also, check out my marketplace for courses and resources that will help you on your journey to using your voice.

I have worked with industry experts such as

John Obidi, Jimi Tewe, Bankole Williams, Stephen Akintayo, Sam Harvard, Edirin Edewor, Dr. Deji Yusuf, Dr. Nkechi Harry-Ngodani, Udo Maryanne Okonjo, Tonbra Nwosuagwu, Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Bralade Koroye-Emenanjo, Kenny Nwokoye, Lara TabetRosheen NogrimaMayowa Adegoke and more.

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