Meet Zita Ejike - One of the top 100 Child Protégée for 2022. Representing Nigeria.

One of the highlights of my year was when I graced this occasion to represent the lead at Headstart Africa – John Obidi at the Top 100 Child Protégée awards in Dubai. 

The young lady that granted this short interview was the Nigerian child selected for her entrepreneurial skill. She’s thirteen and started her sheer butter business since she was eight. With the support of her family and team, she’s been growing in leaps and bounds winning grants and growing her business. 

I’m pained that in the midst of my tough year, I forgot to share this blessed news with the world so that it can trend. Because things like this rarely trend in Africa. It needs to change. 

Zita Ejike is the Creative Founder of Zee Shea Hub. She produces and sell unadulterated organic therapeutic shea butter and sulphate free hair shampoo. Using the proceeds from her business to impact the lives of other under privileged children in her local community. She is the first and only Nigerian Child to receive the award in the category of Entrepreneur.

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2022, I want us to show some love and spread the word in celebration and support to this young lady. What’s more, get her product and add to your gift hamper or baskets for your loved ones this holiday and support the business of this young champion. 

Let me remind you that whether you support or not, God is already lifting her. However, how would you feel if you knew that you played a role no matter how tiny?  Whether by sharing this video or by patronizing her. You would have added a little push to encourage her to do more. I hope this will appeal to your loving heart and you would do one of the above to show some love and support. 

As for me, please support me by subscribing to my channel. I understand that sometimes you are unaware that it goes a long way to help me in my craft. This is why I need to remind you that it does. So, thank you in advance, God bless you. 

I wish you a merry christmas, and a happy new year in advance.