“EJ, so fascinating seeing all these women with wisdom on your show, I am thrilled but I hope these women are submissive in their homes? I don’t want to have the mindset of the old school men that women should not be empowered. I love to see women thrive, to see women lead, but they should have the mindset that submissiveness is key. This is why our fathers want women to sit at home because once the women begin to garner strength and influence they shut down their husbands. Except for a God-fearing woman. In most cases, we’ve become the submissive ones just because we want peace to reign in the house but most women take it for granted…” “most of these women, for them to be able to manage, they have either delegated, negotiated or sidelined their duties at home which has left a loophole in their marriages, but this will not happen to a God-fearing woman who put first her family and the children in everything they do”.

This is the feedback I got from a gentleman on my contact list after watching my January list of guests on THE WOMAN, HER STORY, HER IMPACT segment on THE AFROCENTRIST PODCAST.

His response got me thinking and so I decided to engage him. Hence this would be a series and I am hoping it will be interactive because I really want to explore several perspectives. Yours inclusive. 

What are your thoughts? If you are a Female thought leader who is married do you consider this as a source of concern? If you do, what measures have you put in place to remain ’submissive’? What does submission look like for you?

This subject brings to mind a video clip I once watched by Mrs Jumoke Adenowo on submission. See below.

One of the concerns raised by my contact here is the fact that once women get into the limelight and taste power, they become very negligent of their duties at home. This especially happens when their earning power is higher than that of the husband. And according to my contact, his thought was that it will only take a God-fearing woman to remain submissive despite her position of authority and power. And I agree with his point of view here. That it takes a God-fearing woman to remain submissive just like Mrs Adenowo rightly analyzed in the video above.

If you are a man reading this, I’d love to read your take on the matter too. Do you have such fears about your woman? Have you had a conversation with her about your fears and come to an agreement on how you can both avoid conflicts because she’s out there?

And as a woman, do you feel offended when your man brings up such fears or do you see reasons with him and assure him of your continued cooperation and submission to ensure your home runs smoothly regardless of your status?

I probed further on how my contact thinks this can be handled and his response was fascinating and I will share with you in another blog post. However, let’s talk. I’d love to read from you on this.

To your growth and success.
The Energetic EJ.


  1. Wow, this is interesting.
    I’m not married but I’ve watched my mum over the years and I can tell that a woman loved by her husband would not find submission a big deal.

    I have also observed how my dad protects the interest of my mum and in turn, my mum crowns him king overall.

    My parents are Christians so I know that the ‘God factor plays a key role.

    But I also think my parents have found a way to work it out. And yes my mum earns more than my dad.

    51 years later they are still very much in love😁

    1. Wow!!! 51 years!!!! That’s is worth celebrating! And I find the theme of working it out common in all the responses that I’ve got and that says a lot about mutual understanding and respect for one another in the relationship. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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