Merry Christmas to you from wherever you are reading this article from. It’s most likely that you would be reading this a day or two after Christmas and that’s okay. You know how we do this yea? We still greet each other the same till the new year.
Did you think it was weird for me to write this article on Christmas Day? LOL. To be honest, I felt so when I started to write, but my drive to be of more value to you was higher than my feeling of weirdness. So read on now that you know we are on the same page.
So, we’ve got just a few days and the calendar will reset to the beginning of a new season. Most times it doesn’t really feel different in the physical. It’s just the dawn of a new day like the last day in the previous year. However, it can make a huge difference when you’ve taken out time to reflect on your life in the current calendar and observe the areas where you need to do better, have a change of mindset, dump some old habits and pick up new and progressive ones. I am hoping that you’ve had time to do this. And if not, then I hope that this write up will help you get into that thought pattern and take it a step further by taking action (take some hours, or days to reflect, take stock and have a direction for the coming year).
step by step, career, chalkboard-6655274.jpgNotice I didn’t really mention much about goals, resolutions or plans. This is because these concepts hit home for most of us differently. Hence, I’d just say consider what direction you will travel in the coming year. That can look like drawing up a plan for you, or setting goals or having resolutions. In the end, it does not matter what name you call it as long as you don’t stroll into the new year with no definite direction of how you will travel in 2022.
My reason for sharing this write up is to mention to you one way that you can build and grow your impact if impact is one of the paths you want to tow in 2022. Notice I wrote ‘build’ and ‘grow’. This indicates that there are two categories of people I am speaking to. If your direction is to build, it means you are yet to start the journey to impact, while if your direction is to grow, it means you are already on the path but need to scale. So what one way am I positioning to show you?
One way to grow your impact in 2022 is by starting or growing your podcast. Whichever of these paths you want to tow in 2022, you must be ready to put in the work. There is a lot of work that goes into building/starting and growing your podcast thereby building and growing your impact. The following are some of the questions that you must answer to get on the journey.
  1. Why do you want to build and grow your impact?
  2. In what area do you want to build and grow your impact?
  3. Who are the people that you want to impact via your podcast?
  4. Where will you find them?
  5. How often do you want to connect with them via your podcast?
  6. How long will each of your podcast episodes be?
  7. What podcasting platform works best for you?
  8. What style of podcasting will work for you?
  9. What tools will you need?
  10. When will you launch your podcast?
  11. How will you grow your podcast?
  12. Are you thinking of monetization in the nearest future?
Now, these are some of the vital questions that you must answer before hitting the road running on this journey to impact. Now that you have read these do you think you have the answers to them? That is if this is a route you want to plough in 2022.
Why not write back to me in the comments and let me know if this is a journey you want to go on in 2022? Also, share some of your answers with me if you are comfortable with that and if you want to tell me directly in my DM then you can connect with me HERE. But if you don’t mind sharing then let me read your answer in the comments.
I am on the path of growth for my podcast in 2022 and I am more than happy to be your guide by having you join the PPH – Profiting Podcasters Hub where new and growing podcasters hold each other accountable as well as support each others growth. However, this hub is for practicing podcasters ONLY. If you are still considering starting then you can just talk to me first lets work through what you want to do and once you are ready to go on the journey then you can be a part of the hub.
Once again Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022 in advance. Till you read from me again, stay amazing.
To your growth and success
The Energetic EJ

7 thoughts on “ONE WAY TO BUILD & GROW YOUR IMPACT IN 2022.”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I’m wondering what I’m here reading a blog on Christmas day for. 😁😁😁. I guess I’m already thinking of the new year and so your heading caught my attention. I’m thinking of podcasting and I’ll connect with you before the year ends. Thanks again. Merry Christmas to you too. You look beautiful too. Have a good one.

    1. Hello Owi, thanks a lot for reading and for sharing your thoughts. My guess is this is not a path you are ready to tow. But I hope you’d be back soon for more content. Merry Christmas.

  2. I guess I’m here out of curiosity😅. Thank you ma for sharing, and I’m glad I’m in the Podcasting space. I’m ready to do even more in the coming year💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

  3. Wow.Am not really surprised reading this wonderful blog.It’s really ushered US into 2022.More grace Ma.I celebrate you greatly Ma

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