Start Your Podcast Challenge #7



Hello Purposeful one,

it is no coincidence that you are right on this page.

However, being here and reading up to this point makes no difference unless you take action.

if you are serious about starting and earning from your podcast, then you want to stay on this page.

Otherwise, it’s okay to close this tab right now.

Are you reading on?

Then you fall into any of the categories below

  • You are between the ages of 18 and 45
  • You are single with no kids yet, you want more so you can be ready for your next phase
  • You are married with kids and need an extra source of income
  • Your current earnings are less than $1000 monthly and can barely meet your needs.
  • Your monthly income is okay but you desire to impact lives with your knowledge

You are in the right place, but then you wonder, how can becoming a podcaster help me?

Below are 5 reasons why podcasting is a game changer.

  • 20% of adults report listening to podcasts at least occasionally. That’s a lot of people you can reach with your voice!
  • Podcasting is much less crowded than blogging
  • People can do other things while they listen
  • There’s more intimacy.
  • You can reach a new crowd

I created a free e-book on 5 Ways To Monetize Your Podcast From the Word Go. Check it on my home page.

You probably hit the link that brought you here because you are seeking ways to

  • Share your knowledge and help people thrive
  • Help others transform through your  valuable content
  • Let more people know about your products and services
  • Grow your following on social media
  • Increase your streams of income while helping others do the same

And you are convinced that becoming a podcaster can help you hit these goals.

You are not far from the truth, and it is for this purpose that I have created this challenge to help you…

  • Understand the importance of podcasts as a tool
  •  Know how best to leverage the tool
  • Learn how to monetize this tool
  • Position globally for visibility and growth

During this 7day journey, I will share with you how to;

  • Choose a title for your podcast
  • What platform to host on
  • How to stay consistent with content creation
  • How to monetize
  • How to grow your audience
  • How to get guests
  • How to market and lots more

This is not the first time I am running this challenge. You are about to join the fifth cohort and below is what some of the past participants are saying.

Isioma Dogo – Host of VERIFY PODCAST.

I must admit that when I signed up for the 7-day challenge and got the tips I needed to launch my podcast, I wondered what more I could get from reading the entire book, as it seemed like I already had all I needed. But then I went back to read the rest of the book and was amazed at how much more valuable information the book had on podcasting, that went beyond acheiving a podcast launch. There’s so much to unpack here!Thank you Ejiro, for making so much value available!

Ozioma Anioji a.k.a OzyJeph host of Rooted and Robust Podcast.

One of the highest benefits I’ve gotten from podcasting I’ll say is touching lives and having the opportunity to impact many.This may not sound like a benefit but it is to me because I get feedback from people who listen to my podcast and I don’t think there’s anything as fulfilling as that. And sincerely working with you is heavenly someone like you who is all about making an impact, and changing lives are as though I’m planted in the right ground.So I had the idea of starting a podcast back in February this year.I checked YouTube and a lot of tutorials out there to get information on how I can get it started.Well I watched tons of tutorials and still wasn’t able to start my podcast.I remember I got stuck several times and there was no one I could run to personally.So I just left it along the way.Now, after procrastinating for months I was finally able to launch my podcast on the 12th of September, 2022.But this was only possible because I joined the “launch your podcast in 14 days challenge”, by ma’am Ejiro Osakede (The energetic EJ)The 14 days challenge gave me access to my amazing coach(EJ). Who’s committed to seeing that I use my voice to impact my world.In the challenge, I was able to understand my message better and how to build an audience for my podcast.Also, the accountability aspect of the challenge is what I have been missing for the time I was procrastinating.I always reached out when I was stuck and I got solutions on how to go forward.She also sends reminders on daily tasks, things you ought to have done and how to keep up.I will always recommend this challenge because it helped me and many others to start using our voices to impact our world.Do you think you have something the world needs to hear? Then, you need to join the next challenge.

Are you wondering if you would become an influencer in 7days?

The answer is NO.

However, your journey to becoming an intentional influencer starts here.In case you are not aware, as a podcaster you have influence and as you stay consistent on your journey, your influence grows. So on this 7day journey, we get to work out your area of influence which you will build on going forward.Get ready to unlearn, learn and relearn as well as implement. This is why it is called a challenge, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it. Get ready to put in the work so that you can get your desired result.PS: This is not a done-for-you service, hence, your result is proportional to the amount of work and dedication you put into this challenge. I am here to show and support you as much as I can, but ultimately you have to do the work. I am rooting for you and I wish you all the best.Again, welcome to the winners’ circle. I’ll see you on the other side. 


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  •  Have me listen to your first episode, analyze it and give you feedback
  • Get your first four episodes edited for FREE if created within the challenge period.
  •  FREE  access to the Profiting Podcasters Hub for continued support and growth.

All of this if you take action NOW!!!!