March guests on The woman, her story, her impact segment of The Afrocentrist Podcast

The Woman, Her Story, Her Impact. March Reveal

Helloooooooo March is here!!! And it’s going to be AHMazing!!! Here are the lineups for THE WOMAN, HER STORY, HER IMPACT the segment dedicated to women on The Afrocentrist Podcast.

This march we have

Adeshola Helen Onadipe

On 2nd – Adeshola Helen Onadipe
Adeshola Helen Onadipe is a Serialpreneur with her own companies in Nigeria and Dubai. She is the founder and publisher of Ladies in Business Magazine Global with a reach in over 4 countries including Nigeria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Liberia and counting. She’s a go-getter and very audacious.

She’s currently the:






As a magazine publisher, Adeshola really distinguished her magazine vision and mission that is meant for both ladies and women in business Globally. And also for entrepreneurs, business starters, intending business owners, laid-off workers, housewives,undergraduates, young female leaders and upcoming ladies in business Globally. 

The Magazine, Ladies In Business Magazine Global is with a huge difference amongst other women publications. Apart from the great content, it is very creative, colourful and inspiring. It comes with a great positive impact on the readers. It also provides freelance opportunities for business promotions to average young female business owners around the world. The magazine also creates necessary avenues and platforms for them to be SEEN, HEARD and RECOGNISED.




IG/TWITTER: @linbizglobal +971585956490 

On 9th – Joyce Fields

Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1944, Joyce now resides in Arcadia, California.  She started her career in 1962 as a stenographer. Joyce and her husband were married on June 3, 1967. They have been together for more than 64 years–since they were both 13 years old. They have two grown sons, eight grandchildren, four great-grandchildren. Joyce is the author of 10 books, and she is also a professional proofreader. Her mission statement is: “I write books that inspire people on their journey to make the world a better place”

Her books are available at and

Contact her at

On 16th – Fiona Demark

Fiona Demark is an inspirational speaker and resilience coach who moves participants from not achieving the results they are capable of, to inspiring positive change in both their professional and personal lives. She provides practical strategies that make a lifelong impact on her clients.

Over the past 25 years, she has had the pleasure of working with people to gain focus and step into their own power.

Her real-world examples of overcoming adversity and building resilience place her in perfect stead to share tools with others to build personal resources and inspiration to reach their goals.

What makes her unique and stand out from every other executive trainer and keynote speaker, is that she is legally blind. Having a disability since birth has taught her that life can be a challenge, but ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. By meeting challenges head-on and constantly stepping outside her comfort zone she has built resilience and learned how to keep moving forward through adversity.

On 23rd – Mayowa Adegoke a.k.a TheLadyMayowa

Mayowa Adegoke – award winning TV show host and international journalist – is a leading media personality and the only African TV broadcast journalist in the UAE.
The Dubai based maven reports on global stories including the Covid19 pandemic, historic World Expo 2020 site and has interviewed a diverse range of subjects across Africa, Middle East and the Global North, including Steve Harvey, Akon, CEO Dubai Tourism Issam Kazim, World renowned British artist Sacha Jafri (creator of the world’s largest painting on canvas), Congolese tycoon – Eric Mandala, as well as former Consul General of Japan, Dr Akima Umezawa.
With over 10 years of multi-media experience, a laudable TV broadcasting career as well success in various leadership positions, Mayowa stands as an expert in public and motivational speaking. She is passionate about helping others find their voice, tell their unique stories, build confidence and ultimately discover purpose.
She has worked in various fields including hard news, politics and entertainment.
She is a graduate of Mass Communication from the Redeemer’s University (Nigeria), where she had her first taste of media success as the winner of best student documentary at the Terracotta Awards in 2010.
In 2019, she was nominated as Best On Air Personality (Audio/Visual) for The Future Africa Award. 
In 2021, she was awarded the SHE Award (UAE); Named Media Personality of the Year (Lovin Dubai) and Named 1 of 12 Inspiring and Entrepreneurial Women in the UAE.
Mayowa has dedicated her life to impacting lives. She is the founder of ProjectDDD charity; founded in 2012 – an annual event aimed at reaching out to poor families and communities in West Africa, The Live Learn Series; a mentorship programme for young aspiring media professionals, and she is also the convener of the Heart of Worship music concert, which she has hosted since 2016.
She is the co-author of The Black & African Guide To Moving To UAE” and is currently writing her first memoir, with the working title “Bloom”.
She recently launched her youtube channel with her alternate brand name The Lady Mayowa, to capture content, events and people relevant to a global African audience. 
Mayowa is married to Timi Adegoke and they are blessed with a son.

On 30th – Isioma Dogo
Isioma Dogo 3 years ago, had severe complications while giving birth to her baby, after waiting for almost a decade after marriage to get pregnant in the first place. She is a survivor and her story will inspire you.

Isioma Dogo is a graduate of Architecture and Environmental Management. She is a literary and visual artist, with interests in fashion, photography and making art out of scrap materials. She is also an avid writer, with insightful essays on diverse subjects, which have been published and circulated widely. Isioma works as a Curator with the National Gallery of Art, Abuja. She is married and lives with her husband and daughter in Abuja, Nigeria.

Energetic Ej

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