Oftentimes as humans, we forget. We forget to count our blessings. We forget those times when we made a difference in the life of others. We forget those few times that we made a stranger smile. We are so caught up in the things that are not going as planned that we forget the things that we didn’t plan but went on so fine. We often forget the good things that were done to and for us by others the moment they slip and commit a blunder. We are quick to use words like “He ALWAYS does that” “She NEVER listens” and we just for a moment brush aside all the good deeds and react based on this one slip of character or intention. This also affects how we feel about our growth because we often forget how much progress we are making. We beat ourselves up every time we experience a setback, we fail to remember that we’ve been at this crossroad before and somehow we figured it out. Now you may argue that you don’t forget and that’s okay but this post is for those who forget. I want to remind you that you are an amazing person. You have given value to someone at least once and if you did it then, you can do it again. You have succeeded at something before in your life, and if you succeeded then, you can succeed again. So, put systems in place to help you remember. If you are Christian, you would’ve observed in the Bible days, that when God did something for his people, He specifically asks them to leave a memorial so that they can remember and tell it to their children and children’s children. You can do the same today. Leave a sign, keep a journal and read it periodically, create a post online, take a photo, record a video to remind you of how awesome you are. So that on those days when you feel down, you can go back and watch or look at those records and be encouraged to move on or reroute as the case may be. Let’s learn to REMEMBER.  

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