Dear aspiring podcaster, yes, that’s my wild guess. That if you are on this post then you are most likely thinking of starting your podcast. This thought might be a carryover from 2021 or it is on your list of goals for 2022, whichever category you belong, I am glad you are here to find out why you should JUST DO IT! and stop procrastinating by allowing all your ‘valid excuses’. Even though they are valid, dear, they are still excuses and as long as they are stopping you from taking action, you need to dump them.

Dump those excuses today

I was reading a 2022 prediction of audio and podcasting on THE VERGE and two of the predictions caught my eyes so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you my dear readers and aspiring podcasters.

First is Facebook will start hosting and monetizing podcasts.
According to Ashley Carman the author of this prediction she’s not sure when this monetization feature will be up on Facebook a.k.a Meta but she is sure this is where it is headed and hopefully that will happen in 2022.

My thought on this is, what better time than now to plug into the system and be well-grounded in that space before this feature comes up so that you are part of the beta tester?

I remember sharing a post on Instagram last year on how to connect your podcast to Facebook and I had a couple people excited about it. I hope they took action and connected their podcast to Facebook you can check out the post HERE.

So, my point here is, you don’t wait for the rains to start before you put your roof in order, now is the time to take action on your long time goal of starting your podcast. And if the challenge is that you don’t know how to start then I can help you. Take The Business of Podcasting course and get an automatic pass to be in my Profiting Podcasters Hub where I will support you on the journey and you also get to be in a community of like-minded people who are on the same journey with you.

why grow alone when we can grow together?

The second prediction that caught my attention – More headline-making podcast appearances. This speaks to the fact that more influencers and big shots will be coming into the podcast space, either as guests or as podcasters themselves. And because of how cosy the podcasting space is with the relaxed mode of conversation, there would be a lot of revelations when people get to share.

For me, my caution radar goes up on this one. As we grow our podcast this year and open up to the international space, a lot of caution needs to be in place so that we don’t say something on tape that will land us in trouble especially with the way cancel culture is on the rise these days.

On the flip side is the easier access to growing your influence because more influencers are happy to feature on your podcast if you position correctly.

Once again I say, now is a great time to dump your excuses and take action to start your podcast. And you don’t even have to do it alone, you can join my community where we will be there to support and help each other grow.

I hope that with these few points of mine I’ve been able to convince and not confuse you that your procrastination time is up and it is now time to take action.

Watch the video below and take action today. Let the next 90days count for something. We have begun already and it’s still a great time to join us. Hope to read from you soon.

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